Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers was born in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 1999. If you happen to walk through the doors, you might find the book you’re looking for. But if your mind and eyes remain open you’ll be subject to the phenomenon of “bookshop serendipity”, where anything can happen. We offer second-hand, rare as well as new books on Contemporary Art, Literature, Philosophy and various Design fields – but we also hand-pick thousands of good books of all stripes every month to try and satisfy print-lovers from all over the world.

That’s about the physical shop – come in person if you can. About this website? We hope it mirrors what we’re doing at the shop. We’ll also be posting new acquisitions even before the books are “processed” and put up for sale, and then featuring some of the cooler stuff when they’re ready for your eyes.